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Everyone has a unique set of motivational drivers and what about your motricity and thinking preferences signature. It is scientifique research that indicates and confirms more and more insights that we all have unique movement patterns (Hug et all, Volodalen et all). By our observations in coaching and training activities, the last 25 years, the practice based evidence was always there. Different folks, different strokes. Again and again. Your personal preferences are detected by means of simple physical tests and not by questionnaires! These tests have been developed by the founders of ActionTypes® Bertrand Theraulaz (Switserland, coach and former teacher Swiss Olympic, Magglingen) and Ralph Hippolyte (France, coach and former teacher INSEP, Paris). The role of the individual unique movement preferences in health, aging, injury and training / coaching cannot be underestimated. If you want to know more / learn about the approach and gain insight into the connection between cognition, emotion and your motor preferences and how to use them for coaching and training read our articles and/or go to actiontypes.com and register for one of the english ActionTypes courses in Switzerland.

ActionTypes Academy Core values.

Our three core values are showing respect, displaying dedication and acting with integrity. These core values and the standards / behavior resulting therefrom guide us through the (sports) world and we constantly monitor ourselves.

Now you have acces to an english version of most of  the articles the Academy publishes about coaching and training using the ActionTypes® Approach (ATA).